New Goal for Kids Set To Top Christmas Wish Lists Stops Balls Flying Next door

Christmas Day is fast approaching and for parents on the search for the perfect present, Open Goaaal has been pegged as this year’s most exciting new product, sending it straight to the top of the gift ideas league.

Simple, clever and amazingly effective, the innovative 10 foot high football goal with rebound net stops kids kicking footballs next door, meaning no more angry neighbours and no more broken windows.

When the game is over, the net can be slid to one side in just seconds, which also makes it a great solution for parents who simply hate having an unsightly full sized goal as the central feature of their garden.

Jonathan Cowan, inventor of Open Goaaal! said, “So many parents say to us     ‘I wish I had one of those when I was a kid’.  Christmas is a wonderful time to do just that: buy it for your own kids and then bond with a game of football in the garden.

For years, parents have been plagued with the issues associated with backyard games of football. From broken windows and smashed flowerpots to trampled garden beds and irritated neighbours; stray balls can wreak all kinds of havoc. This Christmas, Open Goaaal is putting an end to such dilemmas with its brilliant two in one solution for back garden football matches.

Cowan said, “One of the standout features of Open Goaaal is how much it increases dad’s enjoyment of playing football with their kids. They suddenly have the freedom of knowing that it’s OK to miss! That they can absolutely smash the ball without the fear of breaking something.  It’s really quite liberating for the dads!”

Another of Open Goaaal’s outstanding features is its capacity to develop with children as they grow and refine their skills. When the time comes to upgrade to a larger goal, families in possession of the standard size net can simply refit the existing poles with the larger size. This makes the product a savvy investment which will keep the kids active and entertained, regardless of age.

Unlike its cheap and plasticky competitors, Open Goaaal is manufactured with the highest quality materials that are built to last.  Poles are made of 1.5mm powder coated steel, netting is thick and robust, while the whole contraption is kept sturdy using guy ropes and metal spirals. And its sheer size dwarfs traditional garden goals.

Adjustable poles can be easily adapted to suit any garden, a versatile feature that makes Open Goaaal ideal for compact spaces and sprawling suburban gardens alike.

Since its launch earlier this year Open Goaaal has received a fantastic reception from both customers and the media. The net has been featured in a number of prominent publications including The Telegraph, The Independent, Mail Online and Good Housekeeping.

In terms of format, function and unique benefits, Open Goaaal is an undisputed industry first. The disruptive innovation has breathed fresh new life into the listless commodity plastic goal market.

At less than the price of a broken window, just £149 for the standard size and £165 for the large size , Open Goaaal is a great value Christmas gift that the whole family can enjoy for years to come.

To find out more about Open Goaaal, catch all the action on a video demonstration and order the product in time for Christmas, visit the website at: