New “Confidence For Kids” book full of great tips for those about to take their exams

This week sees the publication of a brand new ebook that will help parents to boost the confidence of their kids as the crucial exam season fast approaches. ‘Confidence For Kids’ by Judy Bartowiak is full of accessible tips and hints and practical advice to give students extra confidence when it comes to sitting their all important GCSE and A Level exams.

Author Judy Bartkowiak is an expert in NLP techniques for children. She said, “Every parent knows and understands how stressful the exam period can be, having endured it themselves in their youth. Now with more emphasis placed on academic success and achievement, children can often feel like a great burden of expectation sits on their shoulders.

This can lead to arguments and outbursts, problems sleeping and a loss of appetite. With some children taking up to 30 exams in primary school and a further 40 exams throughout the GCSE study period, having a resource such as this to hand can make the situation less worrying for all involved.”

With step-by-step guidance to encourage self-confidence and self-belief, the practical guide for parents is available to buy in Kindle format from Amazon. The book is based on Bartkowiak’s extensive coaching sessions with children and teenagers at her Neuro Linguistic Programming practice, NLP Kids.

She has hosted many focus groups as a children’s Market Researcher, eliciting opinions and ideas from children of all ages. ‘Confidence for Kids’ is the latest in a long line of parental guidebooks which have helped thousands of families to become happier and more cohesive.

Confidence for Kids begins with the keen observation that many people often focus on the lack of confidence rather than the presence and emergence of it, especially in their children. Bartkowiak’s observations also touch on the confidence levels of parents; how parents interact with their offspring affects how they view themselves and their self-worth.

In some cases, seeing a child become unhappy and unsure around exam time can bring back unpleasant memories of the parent own exam traumas. Recognising this as a common problem, the book includes easy strategies to boost a parent’s confidence and, in turn, increase the self-esteem levels of the child. There are sections examining the need for confidence, the body language that confidence creates and a unique ‘Circle of Excellence’ technique which helps to boost self-worth.

With exam season fast approaching and children across the country becoming increasingly preoccupied with their textbooks and revision, now is a great time for parents to glean advice from Confidence for Kids. The book can also be used throughout the year to help kids cope with the stress of exams and tests as well as the demands of school life. Confidence for Kids by Judy Bartkowiak is priced at £1.99. It is available in both the US and UK and can be downloaded from Amazon.