New campaign aims to dispel myths about pain relief for children

Leading brand Nurofen for Children have launched a brand new campaign that is aimed at helping parents to use pain relief medication more effectively when it comes to their children’s symptoms of pain and fever. Nurofen for Children are sponsoring this campaign in order to dispel myths and educate parents on two of the commonest pain relief medicines for children.

This comes in the wake of new research which has revealed that most mums have to stop and think about whether the type of medicine they intend giving their children is the best one to treat them with.

The survey shows that 50% of mums are under the misconception that paracetamol will give their child relief from fever throughout the night, when it has been proven that Ibuprofen will give relief for 8 hours, as opposed to 6 from paracetamol.

59% of mums are also opting for paracetamol as they are mistaken in thinking that it brings the fastest relief to a fever, when it is actually Ibuprofen that gives the quickest relief that gets to work in only 15 minutes.

Another area the survey highlighted is that 26 of mums are worried about giving their babies Ibuprofen, when it is actually gentle enough to be given to babies over 3 months old, or weighing 5kg or more.

The research firmly established that paracetamol is a preferred treatment among mums with almost two thirds (61 percent) choosing it over ibuprofen to reduce a fever. Dr Hilary Jones features in the educational video, he comments, “Paracetamol has been around for a long time and many mums remember having it as a child themselves, however it’s not the only option.

It is important parents understand ibuprofen can be just as effective in treating pain and fever symptoms in children. Plus, because ibuprofen also has anti-inflammatory properties, it can be very helpful for treating inflammation associated with conditions such as teething and earache.”

An educational video ‘Fever and Pain Relief in Children: Advice for Parents’ is also available and aims to dispel common myths about paracetamol and ibuprofen treatments and help parents make informed decisions about which type of pain relief is most suitable for their child when they’re ill.


Dr Hilary Jones addresses some of the most common misconceptions about ibuprofen and paracetamol below, helping to give control back to parents so they feel more confident when giving relief for pain and fever in the future.

• Paracetamol is more effective than ibuprofen at reducing fever

FALSE – Both paracetamol and ibuprofen are equally effective at reducing fever; however nothing works faster or for longer to relieve a fever than ibuprofen.

• Ibuprofen lasts longer than paracetamol in fever relief

TRUE – Ibuprofen is clinically proven to provide fever relief for up to 8 hours.

• Paracetamol is not as harsh as ibuprofen for infants and children

FALSE – Ibuprofen is gentle enough to use for children from 3 months and weighing over 5kg.

• Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory

TRUE – Ibuprofen has anti-inflammatory properties and works to relieve inflammation caused by conditions such as teething and earache