New books aims to address the social issues affecting families in 2012

The latest research from Shelter, the homeless charity, has revealed that over 1.7m people aged 20-40 still live at home with their parents. Suzi Hayman, a trusted agony aunt and counsellor aims to eradicate this by releasing her new book; Teach Yourself How to Have a Happy Family Life.

In here you will find a suggested ‘exit plan’ that parents can implement as soon as their kids leave school. The aim of this is to give children the grounding so that once they leave the nest it is final, and they don’t become a ‘boomerang kid’.

As well as covering this, How to Have a Happy Family Life uniquely looks at other new trends like the ‘sandwich generation’, when parents are stuck between their own parents and their children, and ‘empty nest syndrome’, which occurs when a child has left the family home.

This wide-ranging and practical guide explains how you can make your family work, from establishing routines with babies and toddlers, to coping with teenage conflicts to helping them (and you) through a separation. The book begins with life as a couple and covers every stage of family life, accompanying you every step of the way.

Suzie Hayman is a trained counsellor and agony aunt for Woman magazine. She has written over 20 books on parenting and was a counsellor on the BBC programme Step families. She is a spokeswoman and trustee for the national family charity Family Lives and a trustee of The Who Cares Trust for ‘looked after’ children.

Teach Yourself How to Have a Happy Family Life by Suzie Hayman was published on 26th October 2012 by Hodder Education. ISBN: 9781444169263, Paperback, 224p, £10.99