New Barker & Barker Children’s Book ‘Eddie Meer & Barter in the Bush’

Introducing a new illustrated novel written for children, ‘Eddie Meer and Barter in the Bush’ is a wonderfully unique book from independent publishers Barker & Barker Kids.

The first in a series of stories featuring Eddie Meer and his gang follows the meerkats’ scrapes and adventures in the Botswana Bush. From umbrella hats and dictionaries to toothpicks and swimming goggles, the trio of meerkats work hard trying to sell their swag to lions, giraffes, hyenas and hippos, often with hilarious results!

A playful story of adventure and mischief, the imaginative 42-page book is perfect for young children of all ages, helping them to explore new words, animals and their habitats. The quirky characters are brought to life by Tom Campion’s great writing and a wonderful selection of fabulous illustrations from Olivia Watkins, creating an entertaining story that will fuel children’s imaginations to no end.