National Doughnut Week is a sweet way to raise funds for children’s charities

National Doughnut Week, the hugely popular fundraising event, is returning in 2013 and will run from Saturday to Saturday the 11th-18th May, and aims to raise dough for the Children’s Trust. This great event is now in its 22nd year, and has so far raised more than £755,000 for various children’s charities, and has sold 14m doughnuts.

It is hoped that this year will see more independent craft bakers in attendance and that coffee shops and retailers across the country will also join in to make this year the most successful there has ever been.

The annual event, sponsored by CSM United Kingdom Limited, is a fun week of enjoying delicious doughnut treats.  A percentage from each doughnut sale through participating bakers and businesses will be donated to The Children’s Trust, a national charity that provides specialist care to some of the UK’s most severely disabled children, and rehabilitation to children with an acquired brain injury.

Phil Tufnell, Vice-President of The Children’s Trust, said: “I do hope that bakers, food retailers, coffee shops and the public will get behind this year’s fundraising event and help to raise as much money as possible for a very special charity.”

There are lots of fun ways for the general public to raise money: taking on a doughnut-eating challenge with family, friends or work colleagues, or by holding a doughnut-themed event. For more details on fundraising ideas and doughnut facts, including the UK’s most popular doughnut, visit:

More people buy doughnuts on a Saturday than any other day of the week, with 20.1%* of doughnuts bought on that day. Which is great news for craft bakers, coffee shops and cafes taking part in National Doughnut Week, which generously includes two Saturdays – 11th and 18th May 2013!

With increasing numbers of doughnuts also sold on Fridays and Thursdays in the last year it would seem that consumers see doughnuts as the ultimate end of week treat to share with colleagues and family.

Already extensively tipped as a major food trend for 2013 doughnuts look set to be, quite literally, on everyone’s lips this year, which is great news for National Doughnut Week!
Doughnut Facts

If all the doughnuts sold, since National Doughnut Week began, and were piled on top of each other they would reach all the way to the International Space Station and back to earth again!
14 million doughnuts (at 10 cms) being laid end-to-end, would reach from John O’Groats to Land’s End.
The first doughnut machine was invented in New York during 1920 by a man named Adolph Levitt, a refugee from Czarist Russia.
The first doughnut was thought to have been created in Medieval times by the Dutch.  They were named ‘olykoeks’ which translated meant ‘oily cakes.’
The largest doughnut was created in 1998 and weighed 5,000 lbs and had a diameter of 95 feet.
Elvis Presley’s only TV commercial was for Southern Made Doughnuts in 1954.
The world record for doughnut-eating is Eric Booker’s 49 glazed doughnuts in eight minutes.
Ten billion doughnuts are made in the US every year.
And what Homer Simpson said about doughnuts: “Donuts: is there anything they can’t do?”

Souce: *Kantar Worldpanel, 52 w/e 17th Feb 2013