Nappy rash and baby sleep

Nappy rash is a condition that affects babies and might affect their sleeping patterns, this could lead to greater irritation for the baby and sleepless nights for the parents. Mild nappy rash will appear with a small amount of irritation but in severe cases you might find the skin breaks. Generally, the worst part of nappy rash appears within a few days but it may take weeks for the baby to fully recover.

A baby having nappy rash can also be a problem as they will generally resist having their bottom cleaned. You will be able to tell if they have nappy rash because when the baby is touched they will cry out instead of letting themselves be cleaned. Nappys are something that babies have to wear and nappy rash is relatively common during the first year but it is important that parents understand why there has been an outbreak and how to keep it to a minimum in the future.

There is no clear rule for how to keep nappy rash at bay and experimenting with different methods is the only option for finding a solution. Nappy rash occurs because when a baby soils a nappy some of their skin will absorb the excrement until the nappy is changed. Therefore it can be wise to change the nappy regularly and if you smell something you should change it immediately.

Diet is something that can also cause nappy rash and the switch from liquid to solid foods might be a trigger. This change is something that needs to happen eventually and if your baby suffers nappy rash during this transition, you can rest assured that it will eventually pass. To make your baby as comfortable as possible changed the nappy as often as possible.

The nappy you are using might also be what is irritating your baby and different brands use different chemicals so try switching to see if this has any improvement. The type of whipe you are using on your baby might also be causing the rash. You should also make sure that before you put the new nappy on the area is completely dry.