MyBeautifulbike launches new range of kids bikes

Heeding the clamour for more family-friendly cycle options, MyBeautifulBike has launched a range of children’s balance bikes aimed at encouraging more parents to get their children interested in cycling. The UK provider of elegant Dutch bicycles said the timing is perfect for the launch as a direct response to efforts by government to get the younger population on bikes.

As well as Olympic gold medallist Laura Trott teaming up with First Choice to promote a children’s cycling camp in Mallorca, a multitude of family events have recently launched to great success, with a child-friendly event taking place almost every weekend somewhere in the country. ‘Safer Cycling’ schemes are a staple in many council manifestos, as they try to encourage children to cycle to and from school on designated pathways, and there are numerous ongoing safety initiatives that teach children about the importance of being safe and wearing helmets on their bicycles.

Norma McCaskil, of MyBeautifulBike, says, “We are thrilled to have a range of children’s balance bikes in stock to perfectly complement our existing range of stylish ladies’ bicycles. The rise of family-friendly cycling across the country has been very apparent since the Olympics, and we strive to provide beautiful bicycles for all ages. We also know that busy mums can often find it difficult to teach their children the skill of riding a bike, but we hope that these kids’ balance bikes will encourage more of them to invest in their child’s future and give them a hobby for life.”

Also called ‘ride-on’ or ‘pedal-less’ bikes, balance bikes are designed to be used by very young children. The child sits on the bike and moves not by pedalling, but pushing along the ground with their feet. With no stabilisers attached, children must learn to balance and steer very quickly, getting them ready for their first ‘grown-up’ pedal bike later in their childhood. With the help of these balance bikes, they’ll be improving their motor skills and coordination, whilst having fun following Mum to the corner shop on her vintage Dutch bicycle, or playing in the park with pals.

As the interest in family-friendly cycling grows, so too does the number of family events that are put on by organisers across the country. From the ‘Big Ride’, which took place in London in April, to the regular ‘Sky Ride’ events which often feature closed roads for the ultimate in child safety, cycling is no longer a pursuit that is specifically for lycra-clad adults. Mums, Dads and children of all ages can now enjoy a day out teaching their children to ride their first bikes, and make memories for life when their little ones take their feet off the floor for the first time on their brand new balance bike.

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