My First Rock Band offer Rumpus in my Rompers

Rumpus in my Rompers is a new musical album that has been specifically designed for toddlers, and it is a really essential thing to buy for your child, if you are parents of a toddler.

The album is not just fun, but it also contains various educational songs about how to brush your teeth, as well as use the toilet. All of the songs are written in a very engaging way which means that they are going to appeal to children, as well as educate them about these important aspects of growing up.

The album is the creation of MY FIRST ROCK BAND who say “the biggest compliment to date is that the album is too good for children. That is the point. Children deserve the best and we wanted to make an album the whole family could enjoy.

Even our teenage niece likes it!” So if your toddler refuses to brush their teeth, eat their dinner or go to bed then this album could be just what you need for a fresh approach to old problems. RUMPUS IN MY ROMPERS is available to download on Amazon and ITUNES. The perfect Christmas gift for rock ‘n’ roll toddlers.