Mums quizzed more than anyone else says new research

New research shows that mothers are the most quizzed people in the nation and they have to know everything on various subjects. In fact, the research reveals that mothers are asked more questions per hour than any primary school teacher. Primary school teachers are asked about 19 questions per hour while nurses and doctors are asked about 18.

The study also found that girls that are four years old are the most curious and are responsible for asking a whopping 390 questions every day. This averages out to one question almost every two minutes of the waking day.

The report was conducted by and took a look at the average day spent at home with children. It also looked closely at what time of day mothers end up being faced with the most questions.

It found that from breakfast to tea time the average mother faces about one question per every two and a half minutes. Most children choose meal times to ask the most questions asking an average of 11. Visiting the shops will also prompt about ten questions and bed time stories will prompt another nine.

Also interesting was the fact that 82% of young children will head to their mum to ask a question instead of their father. Out of these children, about 24% stated that they choose to go to their mum because if they ask their dad he will just tell them to ‘ask their mum.’

Mothers get asked a wide variety of questions but some of the most difficult are questions like ‘what are shadows made out of’ and ‘how come water is wet.’ Of course, there are also the awkward questions such as ‘why are you old’ and ‘why do I have to go to school.’ Yearly, mothers are estimated to get asked over 105,000 questions by their children.

The research also found that the amount of questions that children ask varies based upon the gender and the year of the child. Nine year old boys were found to be the most content while four year old girls were found to be the most inquisitive.

As children grow the amount of questions that they ask tends to drop, but the questions also get more difficult. In fact, 82% of mothers admit to getting stumped from time to time. Nine out of ten mothers have even admitted that they use Google in secret to help answer a question asked by their children. The survey took a look at 1,000 mothers all of which had children in the home between the ages of two and ten.

Mother Emma Edwards from Southampton has three and five year old sons and stated that from the second her children get up they start asking questions. She went on to say that they have some really crazy questions and it makes her question what is actually going on in their brains.

Edwards also said that it can be very exhausting to answer all of their questions, but at the same time it can be fun and it is simply the way that her children are learning about the world that they live in. employee Gary Kibble stated that the research shows that mums have to answer questions from their children every day and even if some mothers struggle to find the right answers it does show that young children are very interested in the world that surrounds them.