Mums and Dads should embrace online technology

It appears that traditional quality time is evolving into ‘techtime’ as more and more parents are getting to grips with technology, like social networking and gaming, in a bid not to miss out on spending quality time with their children.

So are you one of the growing numbers of parents who want to spend more time with their kids? Well experts are now encouraging mums and dads to embrace technology as a form of quality time in order to avoid it becoming a barrier to family interaction. So it seems that when it comes to kids and technology, don’t feel you need to beat it, just join it’!

This advice comes in response to the revelation in a report commissioned by Energizer that shows many mums worry that new technology has altered the amount of quality time they spend with their children. Specifically, they claim that their kids use of things like computer games and social networking can prevent the family from bonding.

Experts have suggested that parents respond to this growing sense of disconnection by changing their attitude to technology used by their children, just as they embraced TV and now, as revealed by the report, view it as a way of sharing quality time and positive moments. But would you be ready to take the lead in learning to use your children’s technology, such as computer games or Facebook?

Dr Pat Spungin has a live online discussion at 3pm, Friday 4th March to discuss her view that parents have to embrace ‘techtime’ as a means of bringing the family closer together. After the show, you can watch on demand but prior to it you can submit questions.

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