Mum’s adventure kits aim to get kids playing outside

Outdoor play is something that seems to have been lost on today’s modern generation of children, with computer games and other indoor games becoming increasingly popular.

In order to combat this problem a mother from Yorkshire has recently created a range of kits which are going to encourage children to adventure into the great outdoors.

The mother, Emma de Vere, has stated that she found her children were not getting enough lively exercise outside and so she decided to create something in order to change this. She commented, “When my son was six years old, he was no longer able to play on the sort of wooden outdoor toys we had at home.

“It seems that at this age it was normal for children to come inside and start playing with indoor toys or just watch the television. I think it’s important that children realise there is a great deal of enjoyment to be had outdoors and I hope that my adventure kits allow children to realise this.”

“Edward is an energetic boy and I wanted to provide my son with a proper childhood, encouraging him to use his imagination, communicate directly with his friends and be stimulated and challenged. He loves being outdoors so I created a kit with clothes, equipment and tools – everything he needed to have an adventure.”

Inclusive family business

The first kit was a hit with Edward and friends, and Emma – previously a stranger to commercial enterprise – found herself with a brilliant new business idea which was initially developed on a shoestring with a small barn providing storage for the boxes’ elements.

The word rapidly spread about this small but vibrant cottage industry and the whole family became involved, moving from table sales at the school fair to exhibiting at major retail events in London. Their close involvement means that Emma’s children (Lucy, 17, Alice, 15, and Edward, now 11) and their friends have all gained valuable real life experience in marketing, sales and product development.

Eventually the BattleBox concept came to the attention of Jonathan Turner, serial entrepreneur and chief executive of the Bayford Group, a Yorkshire based business that has been thriving for more than 90 years and through three generations of the same family. Now, the group’s investment of time and funding into BattleBox is helping to catapult the fledgling business onto the national stage.