Mother of all inventions search begins

Mums may not often be considered as such, but they are natural innovators, the problem often is that they simply don’t have the opportunity or perhaps the time to make progress with their great ideas.

But there is a leading mum-marketing company that is now giving the mothers of the country the much needed chance to be properly recognised as the new generation of female inventors and innovators.

Between now and 10 May 2013, MumPanel, which counts brands such as BBC, Kelloggs, Organix and Soreen as customers, will be looking for the best life enhancing products or services for families, taking the cream of the crop to the nation’s top marketeers.

The desire to improve the quality of life for fellow mums around the world has been the motivation behind many great female innovations, from the food mixer, dishwasher and sewing machine to disposable nappies, Scotch Guard, and teabags.

Now MumPanel wants to hear from this generation of mums who have a great business idea, product or service – or someway of improving on an existing product or service – that would benefit mums and their families. The idea can be absolutely anything, but must demonstrate a contribution to the improvement of a better quality of family life.

MumPanel Founder, Lynne Barcoe explained the idea behind the search: “When you have children, you are often thinking of ways to improve life for them and your whole family. Mums are natural innovators, but often don’t have the time or the opportunity to progress their great ideas. We know this from the insight work we do with mums, and we want to change that. It’s an exciting time and we can’t wait to see what ideas we get through.

“We welcome ideas from mums of all backgrounds – from those already working on inventions to those with no previous research and development experience who just think they have and excellent idea.”

She continued: “Our panel of expert judges, who represent all parts of the business development process, will select the best ideas from mums. We’ll work with our overall winner to refine their idea so that it’s in good shape to take to our contacts. It’s really exciting and we know that the nation’s mums are really going to surprise us with some brilliant ideas,” Barcoe said.

Ideas will be judged by a high profile panel of experts including; Soreen Managing Director Paul Tripp; Inventor and Founder of baby product innovators Brother Max, Jonathan Gold; Founder of MumPanel Lynne Barcoe; Top Mum Blogger Nickie O’Hara.

Mums who don’t have an invention or innovation can still get involved in the Big Mum Opinion 2013, taking part in the programme’s online study. The Big Mum Opinion aims to increase the visibility and engagement of mothers within the research, development and marketing processes by brands. It is the opportunity for them to have a real say about the family-focused products and services they use. All mums’ views and opinions will go towards improving products and services brands are developing and the marketing campaigns they are planning aimed at mums and their families.

All those who take part in the Big Mum Opinion 2013 will be entered into a substantial prize draw to win one of three bundles of prizes totaling around GBP1,500. The bundles include prizes for all the family from a car seat to board games, shopping vouchers to luxury chocolates. The winning business idea will receive a GBP150 shopping voucher as well as the chance to get their idea in front of some of the most powerful business leaders and marketers in the UK.

For a full list of prizes and details of how to take part, go to: Big Mum Opinion