Mother from Thame Leading North African Climb

Founder of WISH Women, Lottie Moore, knows a few things about taking on giant hurdles in life, but she is about to take on an entirely different hurdle as the 44 year old mom leads her eight women group up to the peak of Jbel Toubkal in Morocco. This is the highest point in North Africa at 4160m, but the women are ready for the challenge which they plan to tackle on March 8th which is Women’s Day. Moore is hoping that the climb will help her raise a total of £1,500 which she plans to donate to the charities Limb Power and Giving Africa.

Six years ago, after suffering from near poverty and a long contact battle with her ex-partner over her daughter, Lottie decided it was time to change her life and she and her daughter moved to Burkina Faso in West Africa for most of 2010.  “At the time I left for Africa I had nothing in my mind more than escaping the life I was living, but it resulted in an experience beyond all expectations that nourished my soul, fuelled my self-belief and filled me with a renewed desire to live a life of purpose and passion,” says Moore.

“Now I am going back to Africa and I can’t wait. The six night women’s trip climbing Toubkal will be a huge challenge but it will encourage us to look beyond our believed limitations, step out of our comfort zone and shine, and it is no coincidence that we will be summiting on International Women’s Day.”

Moore says her main challenge has been the organisational side of the trek although she has previously project-managed a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro for Giving Africa in 2011.  The group as a whole will be challenged by the fatigue with the last day comprising a gruelling 13 hours of walking.  “The altitude slows you down and makes your head groggy and the temperature at the moment is -12c with a chill factor of -24c at the summit.  Emotionally it’s a huge challenge to keep pushing yourself beyond your boundaries.  None of us have a huge amount of experience as walkers and we are all of regular fitness.  I predict we will be getting through a lot of Kleenex with all the tears at the summit!”

As a survivor Lottie hoped that her story would help inspire women to start living their lives with renewed positivity, passion and purpose and so she set up WISH Women which provides a space where all women can come together to recognise their unique qualities and strengths, to encourage, equip, support and inspire.

Formerly a social worker and then a healthcare assistant, Moore is now an impelling women’s coach and professional speaker.  Having previously run the marathon and Lived Below the Line for five days, inspirational Moore is now learning to be a firewalker instructor in the summer.  Every year she gives 10% of her income to charity and she has just written a book “Why Not You? Why Not Now?.”  Moore plans to organise a different trek every year.