Most UK mums feel enough pressure without adding to it with New Year resolutions

Making a New Year’s resolution is already hard as it never easy to keep up a pledge for a full year and beyond. However, being a busy mother and keeping up to the promises is far more challenging than anything else. According to new research, one third of UK mums feel that a New Year’s resolution adds an extra layer of weight on their busy lives, and that is the reason why less than half of them are able to keep up with their pledges.

The survey that was conducted by mum and baby brand, Cussons Mum & Me, got 1,000 responses from UK mums. Researchers found that only one in ten are likely to keep up with their New Year’s resolution and those mothers living in Northern Ireland are the most likely to make a resolution.

The survey also found out that mothers belonging to the 35- 44 age group are probably the ones who will make New Year’s resolutions whilst mothers who are 55 years old or older don’t like to make New Year’s resolution because they know that they can’t keep up with their promises. A spokesperson for Cussons Mum & Me believes that the last thing most busy mothers need is an extra stress and if this is true then most UK mothers won’t be making a New Year’s resolution.

The spokesperson added that the UK mothers already got too much pressure in becoming a perfect mother, but Cussons Mum & Me believes that UK mums should feel good about who they are and let go the vision of being the perfect mum as there is no such thing.

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