Morrck Lightweight Baby Hoodies – Sun Protection for Babies

Travelling with a baby this summer needn’t be a sweat. The LIghtweight and Ultra Lightweight Baby Hoodies from Morrck help keep babies at the perfect temperature, protect them from the sun and get rid of the faff of constantly taking off or adding layers of clothing.

The ingenious Baby Hoodie – described by Radio 2’s Janey Lee Grace as ‘a fantastic product’ and which is rapidly becoming a must-have buy for new mums – is a hooded travel wrap shaped to fit into any standard infant car seat or pushchair. The safety harness feeds through a hole in the wrap, which means a baby can be wrapped or unwrapped as needed without disturbing them.

“Our lightweight and ultra lightweight wraps provide easy temperature control,” explains Isobel Thompson, co-founder of Morrck. “In chilly summer breezes or air conditioned cars and buildings, the sides are simply wrapped over the baby to keep them warm, and unwrapped if it gets hot again. They can also be used for sun protection as they cover the baby completely – including a deer-stalker style hood to protect the face – yet are lightweight enough to keep the baby at a comfortable temperature.”

Baby Hoodies mean parents can travel light with fewer changes of clothes, and as buggies will still fold up with the hoodie fitted in them, there’s one less thing to carry. Best of all, they’re so soft and comfortable that babies sleep longer and never need to be disturbed, regardless of temperature changes. It also acts as a superb carseat protector to catch those inevitable baby spills.

The Lightweight Baby Hoodie is made from an outer layer of 100% polyester fleece and an inner layer of easy-care polycotton gingham (35% cotton, 65% polyester). They are warm enough for the colder Spring and Autumn months, but lightweight and cool enough for the Summer. They come in blue and pink with matching gingham linings. Cost is £32.95 and come in sizes 1 (up to 6 months) and size 2 (up to 18 months.

The Ultra Lightweight Hoodie is made from two layers of 100% cotton jersey to provide a light wrap for the very hot summer months. The ultra lightweights come in baby pink/white, baby blue/white and cream/white in size 1 (up to 6 months) and in cream/white, turquoise/lime and fuschia/lime in size 2 (up to 18 months). Cost is £28.95

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