Me Family make travelling a lot more fun for kids

Both car journeys and travelling times are set to become a lot more fun for kids of all ages thank to a brand new brand which prides itself on being family friendly. They have produced a huge selection of quirky and cute characters on car stickers which represent all members of the family. Me Family and the extensive collection of car stickers are now helping to make the family vehicle much more personal for those who travel in them, and they are entertaining for kids and make long journeys a lot more fun.

A modern update on the classic ‘Baby on Board’ stickers, the adorable collection of Me Family stickers cater to all family members, to ensure that nobody is left out on any journey! There are stickers for Mum and Dad, sisters and brothers, younger children, older children, tiny babies and even pets; not forgotten Grandma and Grandpa, whose help on days out and travelling adventures is certainly much appreciated by many parents. 

Me Family was founded by two professional rugby stars, whose focus on family life and the relationships between family members is the foundation of the company. Paul Aiton who plays for Leeds Rhinos and Dean Collis who plays for Wakefield Wild Cats said, “We are thrilled that our Me Family stickers are appearing on vehicles up and down the country; family is a crucial part of both of our lives, and we love having the ability to represent each of our family members with a sticker on our cars. We all love to show our families off to the world as proud parents, but the stickers also benefit from a safety element, alerting other drivers perhaps to the presence of young children, babies or pets on board.”

There is a character for every member of the family, from mum and dad to kids and grandparents. Stockers are also divided into a choice of professions and depicting a range of hobbies with the fun caricatures covering everything from mums who love gardening, do yoga, read and bake to dads who are DIY pros, play golf, football, rugby and BBQ. For older and younger siblings, there are girls dancing and playing sports, while boy stickers include footballers, skateboarders and cricketers. Pets are also covered with a choice of cats and dogs to complete a totally personal My Family sticker set.

Me Family hope to expand in the future, with further ranges of cute character accessories for use in the car. For more information about the Me Family car sticker range, or to order your collection today, visit