Mattessons Hank Marvin – Starvin

Cockney rhyming slang isn’t limited to the London area, wherever your geographical location in the UK you will have some Cockney in your everyday lingo. Whether you have a cup of rosie in the morning or go for a ruby after the pub, you will use rhyming slang more than you realise.

Mattessons, the renowned food manufacturer have tapped into this for their brilliant new advert for the Fridge Raiders range of snacks. It starts with a school bell and we hear the instantly recognisable riff of Apache by the Shadows reverberating from the screen.

As the kids leave their classrooms, we see they are all sporting the trademark glasses and haircut of lead Shadow, Hank Marvin. These kids make their way home with guitars blasting out the tune, even having somewhat of a ‘guitar-off’ on opposite sides of the street.

One young man gets home, and when his mum sees him put his guitar down she smiles and says ‘you must be Hank Marvin’. She hands him a packet of Fridge Raiders and he becomes himself again. This advert is a very clever play on the Hank Marvin -Starvin’ and the whole feel good vibe of the advert, coupled with the great music is sure to catch attention.<

Mattessons have built themselves an enviable reputation in the hugely competitive chilled snacks market, and if the buzz this ad is already creating is anything to go by then they are merely cementing their position by getting the message across that if you too are Hank Marvin, a Mattessons snack will instantly satisfy.

Make sure your fridge is stocked up with tasty and satisfying Mattessons snack, so next time you become Hank Marvin normal service will be resumed as soon as possible and there will be no chance of you fading away into a shadow of your former self.