Massage can be a great help to children

Massage is something that is well known for its healing properties and is something that everyone does. Massage doesn’t necessarily mean that you are having a massage in the traditional sense but it can involve any touch, such as rubbing an injury or pressing on our brows. The hands are a wonderful instrument for relieving stress and tension and this can be just as useful on children.

Many studies have shown that families where the children and parents touch each other regularly have a healthier environment. These children were shown to be able to withstand pain and sickness better than children who were not touched so often by their parents. Another study showed that children who were regularly touched slept better than those who weren’t.

A recent test has showing that when babies are given a daily massage they tend to be calmer than those babies who are not touched so often. Massage between a parent and child is something that is enjoyable for both parties and it helps the family bond.

Normally massage is associated with the use of oil and other aromatherapy products, but if you are massaging your child then you should be very careful about what sort of oils to use. It is a good idea to do some research into which oils are most appropriate for babies and children before you start using them. That said, these oils can be very beneficial for the health of a child and should help them overcome several ailments.

A recent study found that aromatherapy can be used with pregnant mothers, this  has come from a Scottish hospital and has shown that the use of aromatherapy might be more effective than painkillers when a women is in labour. The study involved 100 mothers and of these 85% said that they found aromatherapy was effective.