Magic Blackout Blind travel and sleep solutions for children

A new and innovative product intended for use both in children’s nurseries and when you are travelling with children on holiday has been launched. It is called the Magic Blackout Blind and is the quick and easy way to black out windows anywhere in seconds. For more information on this brilliant product visit

The Magic Blackout Blind is effectively a temporary black out covering for windows that can be used with or without blinds and curtains to completely block out light. This is turn helps everyone, not just little ones, to get a good night’s sleep.

The blind comes on a convenient and lightweight roll, which makes is ideal for when you are travelling or on holiday. Every roll contains ten perforated black sheets that you can easily cut to size with scissors. The black sheets ‘magically’ cling to windows by static, thus leaving no marks behind on the glass.

It will stop bright sunlight coming through your windows and help you sleep better. Magic Blackout Blind is useful if you have young children because it will help stop them waking up at dawn and help parents get an hour or two extra sleep in bed.

It is incredibly simple to fit; you tear off a sheet and place it on the window. You can quickly and easily remove it when not required. You can also reuse it.

Each sheet measures 60cm by 80cm or 24 inches by 32 inches. A roll of 10 sheets costs £35.99.

For more information visit