Launch The Cambridge Crib Inspired by Birth of Royal Baby

To celebrate the upcoming birth of the royal baby, an online designer furniture website has launched a bespoke, cutting edge crib.  The crib contains innovative features that are designed to help little prince or princesses enjoy a comfortable, stress free introduction to the family.

An online design brand has launched a pioneering crib ready for the birth of the royal baby this month.  The crib will contain revolutionary features, including a self-rocking feature, climate sensitizers and soft base lighting., a designer furniture website, launched in 2010 and has since created waves in the furnishing industry, thanks to cutting out all unnecessary middle men from the production and distribution process, connecting consumers directly with designers and manufacturers to half the cost of their designer furniture.

The company has now launched a brand new product in anticipation of the birth of the royal baby. The crib includes ground-breaking features, designed to make a royal baby’s life, and that of its parents, easier and more comfortable.

The Cambridge Crib, priced at £949, contains a self-rocking function enabled by a unique jet-stream levitating function, to encourage stress-free nights for both babies and parents alike. The air pumps in the jet-stream will enable the crib to rock the baby to sleep, without any need for the parents to stay awake.

A silicone hood on the crib illuminates to display a starry sky, soothing the baby to sleep, whilst soft base lighting is included with the facility to change colour depending on the mood. The futuristic crib also contains climate sensitizers, ideal for the travelling jetsetters. The sensitizers enable the crib to react to the climate they are in and adjust to suit all temperatures.

The Cambridge Crib can be purchased at

Ruth Wassermann, Design Manager of, made the following comment:

“We are so excited to have launched this game-changing crib ahead of the birth of the royal baby. We believe that this crib will make a real difference to the lives of discerning parents as they welcome the latest addition to their family.”

She continued:

“The crib is revolutionary; we believe the functions included in our crib’s functions are revolutionary and can’t wait to get it out there to the wider public. We’ve worked hard to achieve an innovative design that will not only make the baby more comfortable but will also make parents lives a whole lot easier.”