Low Cost Filling Meals

In our busy world, it can be easy to buy a ready-made sauce or takeaway meal. You know the situation: you come in late from work, there’s not much to be had in the cupboard and you don’t feel like doing a lot of cooking so you reach for a jar of sauce to go with your pasta or for the phone to call for a delivery of your favourite takeaway food. While this is great as a treat, overindulging in ‘convenience foods’ can put a dent in your finances’ as well as increasing your waistline if the food isn’t particularly healthy.

What a great many people don’t realise is that it is very simple to create tasty and filling meals with very little effort and minimal cost. If you buy the right products there will always be items in your kitchen to create a meal to be proud of that doesn’t take up most of your night.

Leftover roll-over!

One great way of always having something delicious to feast on is to create a large tasty meal on an evening where you don’t have a lot on and then freeze it into individual portions to freeze and reheat to enjoy later. Yes, you could buy a ready-meal, but if you make your own food and freeze it you can control how much salt, sugar and fat goes into your food and so you can ensure that you always eat healthily – even when you are stretched for time, you can pop a portion in the oven and have something scrumptious in no time at all.

Convenient Food

If you are looking to put meals together in a short space of time when time is tight and you’re tired, there are many easy recipes on the internet to ensure that you can make meals in minutes with no hassle. With just a few ingredients and a touch of imagination, you can whip up something great in no time at all. Spaghetti Bolognese is relatively easy to pull together and with just a few ingredients you can create a delicious, nutritious meal.

The internet is a great source of recipes and you can even use social networking sites to get tips and hearty meal ideas. There are several sites that provide recipes and advice. For example, you can follow Super Savvy Me on Facebook to get advice, tips and even product ratings, product reviews to ensure that you can save money as well as make something special for dinner.

Word of mouth is a great way to try new foods and to expand your cooking repertoire. So, instead of picking up the phone each time you come home late from work and opting for a takeaway, remember that there is always delectable food that can be prepared beforehand or within a short space of time that doesn’t involve going over your recommended fat and salt recommendations for the day. The more appetising the food is, the more likely you are to enjoy it. Satisfying and convenient food doesn’t have to be unhealthy!