Lives saved in Southern Sudan thanks to Internet campaign

Just about a year ago, Southern Sudan announced that they were becoming an independent nation.

It was hoped that after years of civil war the country would be able to start again and enjoy a better future.

Unfortunately, the reality is rather more grim and the situation in the country is still as poverty stricken as it ever was. 90 percent of the country’s population survive on less than one pound every day. Not only this but the country still suffers from the devastating nature of the ethnic violence that took place in it.

A UK charity, Hope for Kids International, started an appeal earlier in the year which it hopes will raise money for a children’s home that is going to be constructed in the country. The charity have been publishing information on their website about the appeal and have also run social media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook.

They are raising money through a new donation system called Charity Checkout which allows people to donate to the charity easily.

In Wau, a town in the northwestern region of South Sudan, there is an estimated 1,000 orphans and abandoned children living on the streets. These children have no shelter and are at risk from physical and sexual abuse, lack of food, adequate clothing and medical care. The life of a street-child is a never-ending battle to survive.

Hope for Kids recently founded the children’s home in response to the needs of these street children who were desperate to leave a life on the streets, but simply had no place to go. The home offers a stable, family environment for these children to live and grow. There are currently 12 boys in the home, but there are plans to increase this to 32 soon.

The response to the Hope for Kid’s appeal was fantastic, and a total of £20,100 was raised. Thanks to the support, they have raised enough to care for and educate the current group of boys for a full year, rescued two more young boys from the streets and helped ten new children go to school for the first time. During the appeal, a number of donations, totaling almost £2,000, were received through the innovative donation system Charity Checkout.

Matt Parker, the Executive Director of Hope for Kids International said,

“I greatly appreciate the support that Charity Checkout has provided to Hope for Kids International. Having access to such an efficient, cost-effective and friendly service is a huge benefit to us as we raise funds to care for orphans and vulnerable children around the world”.

Rafael Juma is one of the boys that has benefited from Hope for Kid’s use of new technology. Abandoned to the streets at the age of seven, he was hungry, abused and afraid. Now, in the new home, Hope for Kids International has seen great changes in his life. He is happy, doing well in school, and loves playing sports. Instead of a life facing abuse and violence, Rafael has real hope for the future.