Live Web TV Show about protecting your children online

Do you know what your kids get up to on the internet?

Log onto our live WebTV show for top tips on protecting your children online.
Chat date: Friday 20th November
Chat time: 14:30 to 15:00
[If you miss the show, it will be subsequently available as a webcast]

As parents we’re becoming more aware that dangers to our kids don’t just lie on our streets – the internet and online world can also pose a number of serious risks. Yet despite this, millions of us still lack the basic knowledge to safely and effectively monitor our children’s internet usage.

Did you know that a child can’t legally use a social networking site until they are 13 years old? Perhaps not. And how often do you think to check which sites your child has been visiting? Many of us might not know that it’s possible for children to hide any dubious internet activity by simply deleting their browser history!

According to research by Talk Talk, many parents are still letting their child loose on the internet without having any filtering software on their family computer.

While we might never know what our kids get up to online, it’s important for them to be able to surf the internet safely. In our live and interactive Web TV show renowned child psychologist Professor Tanya Byron will be giving you some top advice on protecting your child online. You can submit your questions ahead of the show or ask them live when it premieres on Friday 20th November.