Little Wardrobe launches new scheme for upcycling kids clothes

A new website aims to end the frustration of parents at the speed their children grow out of their clothes. This new site promises to provide the solution by means that are simple, eco-friendly and economical.

This new online initiative is called Little Wardrobe and gives parents the opportunity to swap clothes their youngsters have grown out of. By creating a community of parents online, it it makes it as easy as pie to exchange top quality and pre-loved clothing for both babies and children.

The site is the perfect antidote to the “fast fashion” culture that has been encouraged by some high street retailers, which can employ some of the unethical “sweat shop” manufacturing policies that has garnered much negative media attention. By swapping children’s clothing to get the most out of each garment, users can feel assured that they aren’t feeding into this unhealthy culture and are upping their green credentials but ensuring clothes are used properly before being disposed of.

It also addresses the main issue at hand in many households across the nation – finances. The rising cost of living and uncertain economical conditions is more than enough to make parents anxious about spending on clothing that is barely worn before children outgrow it. Little Wardrobe gives parents the peace of mind that they’re getting a great deal and connecting with others in the same situation.

The innovative website is a time-saving alternative to traditional online auction sites, which might not give users a clear description of what they’re getting and can be tedious and time-consuming when trying to list multiple items. The user-friendly set up of Little Wardrobe means that it’s a quick and simple process to find the kinds of clothes that you’re after – whether it’s summer clothes for a newborn boy or winter dresses for a seven-year-old girl.

Amal Simpson, creator of Little Wardrobe, says: “I thought of the idea when I found myself drowning in clothes, most of which were new and hardly worn, after I had my second child. Children grow so quickly and the clothes had years of wear left in them. I wanted someone else to have the benefit of them but didn’t have the time to list each individual item on eBay. I needed a quick, easy way to pass on my children‘s barely worn clothes and to find new ones for them in return, and Little Wardrobe was born.”

Signing up for Little Wardrobe is a quick and easy process – simply register with the site and you’ll be ready to list and swap your items. In order to make sure that all transactions are fair and items are up to the high standards of Little Wardrobe, images and listings are moderated and pre-approved.

A spokesman said: “It’s so simple and quick once you sign up – we’ll send out a welcome pack to you with details on how to get your first listing up on the site. It’s easy and a lovely way to find some nearly new clothes for your little ones.”

To find out more and sign up, visit