Lilly’s Eco Clean – A new eco-friendly cleaning product

We  tend to have an overloaded cupboard full of potions and lotions, each with their own cleaning role. However using conventional cleaning products not only takes up precious space in our kitchen cupboards but is also bad for the environment and our health. Lilly’s Eco Clean – a brand new, eco-friendly range of household products offers the perfect solution to our domestic nightmares!

Lilly’s Eco Clean is a human, animal and environmentally friendly range of household products that use 100% natural ingredients. Lilly, the founder of Eco Clean, wanted to create a simple, effective, natural range that works a treat, whatever the cleaning challenge may be!

So how did Lilly’s Eco Clean start? Lilly has been passionate about cleaning since she was young, and even set up her own cleaning business in Ireland. But it wasn’t long before she fell ill and after doing some research, discovered that it was due to the potent, conventional cleaning products she had been using. The ingredients contained in the majority of cleaning brands are not only damaging to the environment, but can also affect our health. Thus Lilly sought to create and develop a product that was not only kind to the earth, but everything in it. The result is a range of visually beautiful, fabulous working household products that do a fantastic job at making our homes look gorgeous and smell divine.

Looking after your home and environment shouldn’t be hard work. That is why Lilly’s range of products is so pleasant to use. Lilly believes you can enjoy cleaning when you are teamed up with the right equipment. You don’t need to have 20 different cleaning commodities piled under your sink; a few great ones can go a long way, leaving you more ‘me’ time…so sit back, relax and let Lilly’s Eco Clean do the work!