Let’s Play Teddy Tennis – DVD for young aspiring tennis players

Teddy Tennis have launched the first feature length DVD “Let’s Play Teddy Tennis”, an animated DVD designed to teach and encourage young children to learn the essentials of playing tennis.

Teddy Tennis is a new teaching method that inspires young children aged 3½ – 5½ to play tennis and develop a love of sport. It creatively connects to children through music, pictures, stories and teddy bear characters, making learning the elementary skills of tennis and sport, great FUN.

‘Let’s Play Teddy Tennis’ comprises 12 games and exercises that are taught in a typical Teddy Tennis lesson. The games focus on developing three areas or core competence; ‘ball skills’, racket skills’ and movement skills’; collectively these form the foundation for becoming accomplished at most sports and are therefore an excellent learning formula for all young children. The DVD also features the music and pictures that are so successfully utilised in Teddy Tennis lessons.

Richard Bean, co-founder of Teddy Tennis said “The idea behind producing the DVD is to enable children to practice what they have learned in class at home. Also, the DVD enables children who have not had the benefit of being to a Teddy Tennis lesson to learn at home. The games and exercises are very simple to follow especially since it includes the music which not only inspires kids but set the rhythm for the games or exercises.”

As well as getting children active and teaching them to play tennis, Teddy Tennis enhances co-ordination, grows confidence, develops communication skills and introduces young children to the concept of learning.

Roger Draper, Chief Executive of British Tennis said: “We think it is a great idea for the 3 and 5 year olds to build a foundation of good all round athletic fundamentals with music and pictures to help the youngsters understand the learning experience of tennis, we wish them well in their venture.”