Learning through play through digital mediums

There are many ways in which we should encourage our children to play – learning through play is a great way to help them develop key skills after all. From running around outside to playing games with friends we want the best for our children and so we point them in the direction of what we think is right. When it comes to learning through apps there may be some uncertainty as to whether this should be encouraged? Shouldn’t they be outside? TV and electronic games aren’t good are they? Whilst we aren’t suggesting that children should be sat in front of an electronic device all day and that they should be doing all of the traditional things that children do we do believe that there is a place for certain types of online play.

Learning apps that take traditional games online

Take learning apps – puzzle games, logic games and other online versions of traditional toys that engage children and help them to develop motor skills and enhance their technical abilities. They live in a world full of technology. If you walk into most classrooms now you will find an iPad with many schools having computer and technology suites. They even have technology lessons. By introducing them to online experiences that will help them to learn through play we aren’t overexposing them to something that will harm them – it is just a different way of playing.

More choice, more room and more satisfaction

Imagine you could walk into a shop and walk out with every puzzle in the shop. Where would you put them all for a start? They would fill a room. Then there would be the drama of the missing pieces and the boxes and pieces that just end up everywhere. Once they have completed the puzzle it goes back to the bottom of the pile until they have forgotten about it. Once they have completed a 12 piece puzzle it is really redundant – they need more challenging puzzles and so off you go for another set of puzzles with more pieces. Now imagine having almost unlimited puzzles at your fingertips. This is what you get with online puzzle apps from the App Store and Google Play. You take a picture that you like the look of and set the number of pieces you want it broken into. Once your child has completed the 12 piece version they can re-set it to 24 and keep doing their favourite puzzle time and again. Just imagine the money and space you will save!