Laughology Seeks the UK’s Happiest School and Staff

Britain’s first Happiness Awards, launched by Happy-Centred Schools pioneer Laughology, will honour those in education who make a real difference to learning through happiness.

The awards include categories for the Happiest School and Happiest Teacher, Headteacher or Support Staff. The winners of each section will be honoured at a gala awards ceremony in November.

The Laughology Happiness Awards recognise the vital role happiness plays in boosting pupil confidence and learning. Nominations are invited from individuals, parents, staff, schools, local authorities and communities.

Laughology is an expert in delivering science-based, positive psychology programmes and has worked with schools and teachers internationally. It is a pioneer in the field of happiness and well-being and launched the UK’s first Happy-Centred Schools programme two years ago which continues to expand and deliver positive results. The awards are being held to mark its tenth anniversary.

Class Clowns need not apply. Happiness in schools is a serious business and has been shown to improve engagement and results. The awards will recognise those in education who use happiness and humour to improve and enrich school life and the wider community. They are sponsored by education publisher Crown House Publishing and are supported by Nat West, RBS and influential headteacher, historian and government adviser Sir Anthony Seldon.

Laughology founder and CEO, Stephanie Davies explains: “We have been studying the benefits of happiness for ten years and were one of the first organisations to help others harness the benefits of happiness. Our Happy-Centred Schools programme is designed to embed happiness and all its core elements – such as confidence and positive relationships – in school life. It has been a huge success and helped our pilot school in Luton boost SATs results by 20 percent.

“We are holding the first Laughology Happiness Awards for schools because we want to honour the happiest schools and school staff in the country. Happiness makes people and children healthier, more resilient and it promotes positive relationships and creativity.

“We are looking for the people and schools that make a real difference and embody the core themes of happiness.”
Laughology is inviting nominations via its website where full details are available. For more information and to nominate go to the Laughology website