urges parents to buy only useful toys for kids this Christmas

A website selling toys for children is urging parents and grandparents to stop buying any old toys and buy instead only practical and useful toys for the kids this Christmas. According to Argos there are, on an average, 80 toys in a British household.
 Kids, however, play with only a third of these toys making nearly 474 million toys unused and unwanted in homes around the country. More than 13 million of these unused toys end being thrown in landfills thereby causing a lot of pollution to the environment. has a range of wonderful gift ideas for children, whether they are keen explorers or simply have a holiday coming up, and their collection of travel games, children’s suitcases and other personalised items are sure to be held onto for longer than this year’s latest toy fad.

Louise Villis, founder of Kids Do Travel, said, “Toys are the easy, go-to option where Christmas presents are concerned, but very few of them ever last more than a few months. Practical gifts such as suitcases, children’s lunch bags or towels make great Christmas presents for children because they last for many years and won’t languish at the back of a cupboard taking up essential storage space in the house. At Kids Do Travel we offer a great selection of useful gifts that children will use and love for many years to come.”

Adventurous children can be a handful, but the explorer within them can be indulged with a children’s backpack or shoulder bag. Decorated with famous cartoons and some of their favourite TV and movie characters, the range of backpacks from Kids Do Travel has something for every child’s personality.

Budding ballerinas can enjoy pretty pink bags, whilst the boys can live their dreams of being a pirate or a cowboy with a range of cute patterns and designs. The bags are all highly practical and can also double up as kit bags for PE kits at school, or overnight bags for when they visit relatives; these gifts will never find themselves consigned to the back of the cupboard.

If a family has a winter break coming up, buying the children a selection of travel gifts makes perfect sense for relatives and friends of the family. Towelling robes, children’s washbags, children’s travel games for long-haul journeys and children’s travel pillows that will help them to get forty winks after a long day at the beach or on the ski slopes all make wonderful gifts for Christmas, and they can be re-used again and again when it comes to the annual family holiday.

These gifts are not toy fads or gadget gimmicks, they will not be stuffed into the toy chest after three days of use and they will not end up in landfill like many millions of other toys. These gifts are high-quality products that will last for plenty of holidays and are practical, useful and fun.

If you’re thinking of starting early on the Christmas shopping, browse the full range of products from Kids Do Travel and buy online at