Kids with good manners are often healthier according to new research

Do you find it difficult to get your child into a good routine and find it a struggle to instil polite behaviour in them? Do you ever wonder whether all the temper tantrums are worth it? Well a new international hygiene study is set to reveal how behavioural traits impact on personal hygiene and highlight how those with good manners are often healthier.

Every parent knows you’d do anything to prevent your child from becoming ill however the study will show that even adults have some questionable hygiene habits and straightforward good manners and routine could be the answer to preventing the spread of infection.

But how do you go about making sure children are equipped for later life? At what point can you stop them from rubbing runny noses over their face and coughing without covering their mouths? According to the Hygiene Council, one single bacterium can become more than 8 million bacteria in less than a day; it’s well worth making the effort therefore in ensuring your children are as protected as they possibly can be. Taking simple steps like implementing a morning routine and making sure that children have plenty of sleep does wonders for behaviour too.

Which this webTV show with Chairman of the Hygiene Council, Professor John Oxford to find out why behaviour plays such an important part in health and how you can help your children form good hygiene practice.

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