kids who like to travel will love new app

A brand new kids iPad app designed for those who love travelling is launching this week, and promises to keep even the youngest of explorers fully entertained on the train, bus , car or plane.
Designed for kids aged 3-8, Trip Pop is packed full of fun with 6 colourful characters in funky environments. Young gamers are able to choose from helping Penny the Pram to get through the park, try steering Bryan the Bus through a busy rush hour whilst also avoiding bus stops, traffic cones and pot holes or even fly Pete the Plane through the sky, avoiding flocks of geese and storm clouds.
For players who love the sea, Bobby the tug-boat is late to help his next vessel and needs a helping hand getting through the busy shipping lane, avoiding the harbour, windsurfers and dolphins on route. Trev the Train and Corey the Car also need a path clearing so they aren’t late to their destinations when other road users and trains get in the way. Depending on which mode of transport kids choose to control, the game play will show a relevant environment from a fun water kingdom to open skies and busy roads.
Jamie Stepien, Director and Founder of Trip Pop app developers Digital in Hand Limited said, “We know just how challenging it can be to keep kids entertained while travelling and developed Trip Pop as the perfect antidote to journey fatigue! Kids who normally get bored on a plane, train or in the car will welcome the chance to try and better their best scores on Trip Pop. Colourful and fun, it’s filled with cartoon characters kids will love!”
Whether it’s by boat, car, train, bus, plane or pram, kids are sure to be kept entertained for hours as they help each vehicle get through busy traffic by ‘popping’ obstacles out of the way. Adding to the fun, players who pop moving hazards will see some more traffic appearing in its place.
Trip Pop comes with 3 speed levels, and a leader board to keep track of fastest scores – perfect for families with two or more children to keep busy during a long flight or car journey.
The customised skill levels include a no rush mode for beginners, get moving for more experienced pilots and in a hurry for seasoned navigators. The cartoon characters and fun game play make Trip Pop as essential as SPF, whether staying at home in England or hitting foreign shores. The game has been purposefully designed to be free of in-app purchases and unlocks.
The game can be downloaded for iPad from