Kids need to learn to brush their teeth at an early age

Colgate are running a huge new promotion to highlight the importance of instilling good dental hygiene into children from any early age. By getting children into a routine from an early age will set them on the road to a lifetime of good dental hygiene, as our teeth are incredibly precious and by having a routine before their adult teeth come in sets them in good stead.

The big problem is that many parents, without even thinking about it, pass on their own bad habits to their kids. If a mother or father is terrified of the dentist, they don’t take their children, thus passing on the fear as it may end up that the child’s first visit to a dentist will involve treatment, and they will see it as a nasty place to go.

Parents must push their fears to one side and take their children to the dentist from an early age so they appreciate that the dentist is there to help them and the better care they take of their teeth combined with regular check ups greatly reduces the likelihood of toothache and subsequent treatment. A brushing routine is also vital, but it is in a child’s nature to question why they have to do something that their parents don’t.

When your child is at the stage to start cleaning their own teeth, clean yours along with them. Make it a fun time for your child and show them that mum or dad does it all the time so they should too. Set a timer so they are cleaning them for the recommended 2 minutes, and show them that all you need is a pea sized dollop of fluoride toothpaste on their brush. By breaking your own bad habits, you are stopping your kids from forming their own.