Kid-proof protective iPad case from Lifedge

Since the iPad was launched, it has grown in popularity enormously, and something that has been a relatively new addition to the devices the introduction of applications that are specifically targeted to learning. This is meant that the device has become somewhat popular with children and a waterproof and shock proof case has recently been created for the device, which mean that it can be used by children without parents having to worry about breaking it. The protective case comes from the company Lifedge, and it is sure to be very popular with parents who want to see the iPad be an important part of their child’s education.

The case is also very bright and colourful, which is going to make it appealing to children, while also protecting the expensive electronics. It is possible for the device to be put in water for 30 minutes, or dropped from up to a metre without sustaining any damage.

The iPad case has already proved a popular purchase with parents of children with autism and other learning difficulties. Touch screen technology is commonly used to encourage these children to develop social skills through the use of apps that aids interactive behaviour through puzzles, games and virtual story telling. The ipad case from Lifedge ensures peace of mind for any parent wanting longevity for their iPad and to avoid any severe damage to the pricey piece of technology. Additionally there is an attachment point on the case for a lanyard to be connected for added reassurance and safety.

The Waterproof iPad Case uses a semi rigid two piece case that fits securely together to create a watertight seal. Models are available to fit the iPad 1,2 and 3, and touch screen usability is available at all times, as are the volume, on/off and home buttons, and both front and rear camera functionality is provided.

The iPad Case has an ergonomically designed hand strap using a soft non-absorbant material which holds firm across your hand for the perfect fit, and is suitable for both left and right handed users and allows the iPad to be used in portrait or landscape orientation.

The iPad Case is available in blue, pink, green and grey and retails at £99 (inc VAT). It can be purchased from or