Kickers Back to the Old Skool

Popularised as the footwear of choice in the Manchester music scene of the 1990s, Kickers are comfortable, well made and durable. Ian Brown, of Stone Roses fame, wore a pair of Kick Hi’s in protest to the world-famous Manchester club, the Hacienda’s strict “no trainers” policy. Numerous rock and roll stars have also endorsed Kickers. From Jarvis Cocker, to Noel Gallagher, Kick Hi’s are truly an iconic design.

Kickers have since expanded its offering to the general public and now also manufacture their own Kickers school shoes. The products make a lot of sense, considering their reputation for longevity. Children can be very hard on their school shoes and with a good quality, and comfortable school shoes, parents can rest assured that their children’s feet are well taken care of.

The Pentland Group which makes Kickers is family owned and has implemented Ethnic Sourcing policies with the aim to conduct honest, fair and respectful business. Each venture is undertaken responsibly and each company works closely with its suppliers to ensure fair wages, working hours, safety and hygiene in the workplace. Two other key foundations of the initiative is that the companies do not tolerate discrimination, and inhumane conditions for workers, all while creating and supplying regular employment.

When it comes to Kickers school shoes, the one bonus is choice. With numerous styles and designs to choose from, finding the right pair isn’t an arduous task. School shoes need to be extremely durable, yet comfortable, while adding sufficient protection to children’s feet and ankles. Not to mention how the Pentland Group looks out for the interests of its employees and suppliers.