Keeping your children under control when out and about

As a parent, there is probably at least one time in your life that you can remember wishing that you could just put your child on a leash in order to keep them by your side. After all, while navigating a busy airport the issue of safety is at hand as you struggle to keep everything together without losing anything or your child.

As a parent shopping at the grocery store simply keeping your child from touching every single thing on the shelf would be nice, or at a kitchen store where every touch signals danger. The ‘leash’ trend has come in and out of style for the last few decades, but as it enters the public view again so does the controversy that always comes with it.

The obvious complaint first off is that leashes are for dogs and putting a child on one instantly degrades them. After all, you can’t put a child in a training crate, but at the same time maybe you already do since a portable crib or a playpen is somewhat like a training crate for toddlers and babies that you simply want to keep safe when your back is turned.

Of course, you can go either way with the argument, but the real question here is whether you should or not. After all, it is not as if leashes are becoming mandatory in public places for children, so really the question here is whether or not it is ethical to poke one’s nose into another parent’s choices.

It is easy to want to have an opinion when it comes to parenting, but unless you want that opinion turned back on you it may be easier to decide on your own if a leash is a good idea for your child, or if simple hand holding will do the trick.