Keeping the Kids Occupied this Christmas

From The Gruffalo to Sooty the West End Has a Lot to Offer

There are plenty of shows for adults to enjoy in the West End, with a wide range of plays on offer, but what about the kids? What shows can the children enjoy so that they can witness the magic of the West End from an early age? With Christmas around the corner it’s time to look at the range of children’s shows that are lined up for the season, which prove that the West End has something for all the family.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without The Gruffalo and the show is set to returns to the capital once again this year, giving theatre tickets-holders a chance to witness Mouse as he concocts the story of the Gruffalo and then finds himself face to face with his ‘creation’. This year there’s also The Sooty Christmas Show at the Garrick Theatre, in addition to Santa Claus and the Christmas Adventure and the usual classics like The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre.

So make sure you pick up box office tickets for the wide range of children’s shows that stand-out in the West End this Christmas.