Junior’s Pantry joins up with Ocado

It can be hard to be a busy mum that wants to feed their children nutritious dishes that are balanced and wholesome, but now there is help in your quest due to a new line of products created by an actual mother.

Kate Finch has created the Junior’s Pantry line to offer busy mums an entire line of wholesome meals aimed at primary age children. The meals can easily be found at your local grocer in the chiller cabinet.

All dishes are approved by a nutritionist as suitable for children of this age and include at least one portion of vegetables, a serving of protein and a starchy staple for energy. Salt and saturated fat levels are also within dietary recommendations. It was important to Kate that no preservatives or ‘nasties’ were used in the dishes, so mums can be confident that they are just as good as homemade!

The range at launch includes:

Chicken, prawn and chorizo paella: A delicious paella with a hint of smokey paprika from the chorizo RRP £2.89

Chicken with pesto pasta: A light pasta dish using orzo pasta (like large rice) and a delicious pesto and green vegetable sauce RRP £2.89

Beef ragu: A vibrant beef ragu with lots of hidden veggies, served with wholemeal spaghetti RRP £2.89

The dishes are targeted at busy parents whose children lead active lifestyles with quick, wholesome ready meals which can be prepared in minutes.

“I have always tried to give my children a wide variety of meals and not stick to those dishes that I know they’ll eat,” explained Junior’s Pantry founder, Kate Finch. “The fact that neither of my children particularly like potatoes meant that I have always cooked with more rice, couscous and of course pasta.

“Rice is incredibly versatile and, although an Italian wouldn’t call it a risotto I do a lot of different dishes with chicken, prawns, and chopped veggies stirred through rice as a last minute supper. Even doing this with ham makes a good alternative.

“Couscous is another great alternative and only needs a kettle to be boiled, again stirring through veggies makes a colourful addition to any plate.

“I wanted my dishes to encompass a broad range of tastes and flavours and be dishes that perhaps mothers wouldn’t cook at home, and that would broaden children’s exposure to different types of food.”

It’s not just mothers who can benefit from buying these meals, but single dads who have the children infrequently and even grandparents, who help out with childcare, can use these dishes to make life simpler.

“As a mother of two young daughters, I know all about the juggle of working and running a family and providing all the meals, it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut of giving children the same meals,” explained  Junior’s Pantry founder, Kate Finch. “I also know what I’d give for an extra half hour in the day!”

The products are now available to purchase from www.ocado.com.

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