Jo Brand talks about perils of teenage drinking

We are pleased to be able to publicise this video from Jo Brand on behalf of the Alcohol It’s No Joke campaign.

It’s all too easy to laugh off the effects of alcohol and forget that drink can put young people in vulnerable situations. It’s no joke. Recognising that alcohol is a serious issue and talking about the good and the bad sides can help young people stay safe, confident and responsible as they grow as teenagers.

In this clip, Jo Brand to talk about her experiences of alcohol as a teenager. Jo talks about how she experienced the consequences of alcohol firsthand and in her job as a psychiatric nurse. As a mother to two young girls, she explains how she aims to talk to them about alcohol as early as possible.

The aim of this film is to show that alcohol can make young people vulnerable. Although parents worry about unprotected sex, drugs and crime, drinking alcohol is often not top of the list. Alcohol can be the thing which leaves young people vulnerable and in situations they might not know how to deal with.

This film is the one of a series featuring other comedians including Bill Bailey, Russell Kane and Josie Long and is part of the build-up to a big campaign launch in mid-January.

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