Jimi Mistry working for ActionAid on their Unforgettable Moments Campaign

Sponsored by Action Aid

Jimi Mistry, Eastenders player turned movie star who achieved success in the UK movie business including East is East, then went on to star in Hollywood movies such as the hilarious The Guru, has just made it back from dealing with slightly more weighty matters in the African state of Rwanda.

He was visiting the region on behalf of ActionAid, more specifically he was getting involved in the organisation’s ‘Unforgettable Moments’ campaign. His trip allowed him to view first-hand just how child sponsorship is making a very significant and very real difference in the lives of Rwandan children and also their extended communities.

Back in slightly cooler and rain-soaked climes, he made an appearance on Daybreak on ITV1 to talk to the public about what he saw and experienced in Africa and tell viewers about a child he sponsored. Although Jimi has a 10 year old little girl of his own he felt he wanted to reach out and try to help a similar but disadvantaged child in Africa, which is why he took up sponsorship himself several years ago.

He went out to the country which is still a long way from recovery from the multiple and bloody conflicts that rocked it down to its foundations. He says that he, of course, wants the best possible upbringing for his daughter Elin, but wanted to go out to Rwanda to see first hand if child sponsorship really did bring a better life for the kids in this devastated country.

His first impression was a little shocking; he was amazed just how stunningly beautiful the country is, not the mental picture that most of us would have of a poor African nation.

He paid a visit to Mpanga Primary School to see what sponsorship actually does, he found out that in this particular case the school its self had been relocated from a difficult to reach and treacherous mountainside to a close and convenient location benefiting the kids and the whole community. He saw for himself how a tiny regular donation can have a very real impact on children and their families.

ActionAid is asking people across the UK to celebrate their unforgettable moments just like Jimi.  For 50p a day – the cost of a pint of milk – unforgettable moments can be created for children across the developing world.