Jenni Falconer presents the Big Heart Awards

Television presenter Jenni Falconer on Friday hosted an awards night to acknowledge the unrecognised people who made a great impact and difference on the lives of other people.

The Big Heart Awards, which were made possible by the help of Mega Bloks, gave awards to those individuals who took part in helping families who experienced hardships including birth, parenting, and pregnancy. They are those people who had the initiative to bring light to the lives of those suffering families.

According to Falconer, it was such a pleasure to give support to the ceremony, and she was lucky to have both an easy pregnancy and delivery with Ella, her daughter. She added that giving birth and being a parent are things that should not be overlooked by people.

The TV host also stated that seeing those suffering families recover because of the support of responsible citizens is just heart-warming. Falconer also said that he liked the fact that she met those kind people through the said event.

This annual Big Heart Awards is giving support to Bliss, which is giving the time and effort to improve the lives of babies. Aside from Falconer, Holly Matthews, an actor and a supporter of Bliss, also graced the event.

According to the Editor-in-Chief of Mother & Baby, Claire Irvin, the event is indeed amazing because the inspiring stories can surely make a difference. She also said that it is such a great feeling to help those families who are going against a lot of odds.

The event was held in at London Hilton on Park Lane, and guests were given afternoon teas during the ceremony. Among the categories for the said awarding rite are: A Family You Can Count On, Beyond the Call of Duty, and Against All Odds Baby.