It is no longer only Royalty who drink Chai tea

A cup of tea, especially when you are tired, is a great drink for a pick me up, and it is impossible to deny the importance that tea has in our everyday lives. Irrespective of country and culture, tea is the most popular drink across the globe, and many varieties have also been found to carry medicinal benefits so not only is your favourite cuppa a daily essential, it can also be very good for you.

Green tea is the one we hear the most about in terms of health benefits, but more and more of us are discovering the delights of the tea with Indian origins; Chai. At one time it was only Indian Royalty which drank this delicious blend, but once word got out the streets were overwhelmed with the distinctive smells of ginger, cloves and cinnamon. Chai tea has become very popular amongst tea connoisseurs and will be found on many restaurant menus.

It is one of those teas that doesn’t have an acquired taste, like Earl Grey for example, and those who taste it for the first time tend to go back for more.  It also gives you a kick that is completely natural and gives you a real energy boost. The way in which Chai tea is prepared includes the addition of many spices, giving it a unique taste and aroma that can be instantly recognised, even though there are several recipes that Chai tea is made from.

Every variety of Chai tea is dependent on the range of spices that go into the making of it, and the spices most commonly used in the infusion of Chai tea are ginger, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, garlic and cardamom. This is added to a base that is predominantly black tea and some preparations include the likes of honey, sugar and molasses. Preparing the perfect blend of Chai tea is quite an art, and it is this skill which creates the health benefits.

The first of these is the rejuvenatory properties which Chai tea possesses, which makes you feel better in both body and mind. It is also extremely useful for reducing stress levels and helping us deal with difficult situations by reducing tension and easing headaches. The herbs in the blend are renowned for easing stomach upsets and helping the digestive system, as well as stimulating the immune system.

More recent research has discovered that Chai, in the same vein as green, tea has cancer fighting properties and can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. By drinking Chai tea on a daily basis you are greatly reducing your risk of developing certain cancers, which is a win win situation all round. The exotic tang to Chai tea makes it a delicious drink to partake of at any time of day, and the taste, plus the aforementioned benefits, ensure that its popularity is set to grow and grow.