Is a Disney cruise right for my family

With record figures for cruises in recent years, the number of cruise liners and destinations is now more varied than ever.

Did you know that a total of 1.53million Brits took to the seas on a cruise holiday in 2009? Whilst most people automatically think of the Caribbean or Mediterranean when it comes to this type of holiday, Disney cruises are steadily growing in popularity – but what are they?

Disney cruises

An American cruise line which is owned by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney cruises offer a unique experience which is targeted primarily at families with young children. The cruises still visit popular destinations like other liners but their onboard activities have a more defined and distinct focus, tailoring a number of their activities to their younger passengers.

This is not to suggest that adults are neglected aboard these ships, however, with a range of activities and entertainment being provided to cater to all age groups.

Disney cruise destinations

Those interested in taking a Disney cruise can visit a number of spectacular destinations that cover everywhere from the Mexican Riviera to Europe and the Transatlantic. A top tip is to keep an eye out for a number of great cruise deals. A brief overview of Disney cruise destinations are as follows:

Mexican Riviera: colourful cities, water spots and plenty of recreational activities are what await passengers who take a Disney cruise to the Mexican Riviera. Ports of call on this journey include the third largest city in Baja, Ensenada, and the internationally renowned resort of Puerto Vallarta.

Caribbean: considered one of the most popular destinations for cruises, it is no surprise that you can visit the Caribbean aboard a Disney cruise. Grand Cayman’s seven mile beach and Florida’s Key West are two of the main attractions of this region with numerous other stops being made along the way.

Europe: for those after something a little different from their cruise experience, European cruises are a great option. Starting in Barcelona and visiting some of the most famous sites on the European continent, this cruise offers passengers a truly spectacular holiday experience. Athens, Dubrovnik, Rome, Naples, Florence, Pisa, Monte Carlo, Mallorca and Turkey are just a few of the destinations which can be visited on this ‘king of cruises.’

Transatlantic: taking passengers all the way from Texas to Barcelona, transatlantic cruises are a great option for those after the ultimate holiday experience. Stops to the Bahamas, Portugal and Gibraltar are common and provide passengers with a wealth of activities to enjoy.

Canada: sailing from New York City, these cruises give passengers a unique experience of Canada and the New England coastline. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are the main ports of call for those who select this cruise, with attractions in these areas exuding history, culture and heritage.

Alaska: an unspoiled area of natural beauty, undertaking a cruise to Alaska is a great option for those looking for a new experience. Visiting historical sites along Alaska, Canada and the Pacific Coast, these cruises give passengers the chance to visit some of the world’s most stunning locations whilst potentially a glimpse of whales in their natural habitat.