Internet and children

The internet is something that is completely changing the way we communicate, entertain ourselves and do business. It is a very powerful tool and while it something capable of a great deal of good it also carries certain risks and can be used for bad purposes. As with many powerful technologies, what it is used for, and whether this is harm or good, all depends about the person who is utilising the technology.

Children are a group who are at particular risk when using the internet and it is very important that precautions are taken by parents and people responsible for their care to make sure that they are safe from harmful influences online.

It is important that people understand the need for protecting passwords. If possible, it is best that you never write your passwords down and focus on just remembering them. If you do need to write your password down it is very important that you do not carry it around with you or keep it in a folder near the computer. Folders that are sitting next to a computer the first place the thieves will look if they want to steal your information.

If you are using a public computer and you have any doubts about its security do not do anything online requires you to enter a password as someone might be recording the information you enter.

It is also important that children are made aware of the risks associated with social networking. Facebook is something that has become universally popular and this includes among children. It is important that you tell your children that they must only be friends with people they know not to give out any information that could reveal where they are in the real world.

It is also important that your children know that they should never go to meet anyone they have met online. Parents should also highlight the risks of sharing photographs on social networks as they can often give away information to potential predators, such as physical address and which school the child goes to.

Blogging is an activity that has taken off in recent years and many children keep a journal online. Parents should make sure that they are never revealing personal information that could compromise their real-world identity. If you know your child is keeping a blog make sure that you know the address of it that you read it regularly to make sure that they are not giving away any information they should not be. The same caution that is exercised with social networks also applies and anyone who is trying to contact your child through their blog should not be responded to unless the child knows them beforehand.

Filtering is a very effective way of limiting was a child can explore on the Internet and there is a lot of material out there that is very inappropriate for children. Make sure that your computer has software in place to block websites that would have inappropriate content.