Inter-school online chess arrives with new website

The recently formed company School Chess Ltd are launching their ground breaking new website for school chess clubs that has been designed specifically to facilitate live chess games between young people and children both in schools and school chess clubs right across the UK and beyond.

New junior chess clubs are now springing up throughout the UK, both in schools and out, and memberships of existing clubs have also greatly increased in recent years. This clearly shows that chess really is one of the most exciting and enjoyable ways for kids to learn how to think about and solve problems.

The site provides a safe learning environment for all users with absolutely no on-site advertising or pop-ups. The only personal information stored is a player’s first name and surname initial. Teachers & players can access and review all their past games and learn from over 1,000 teaching and ‘master’ games stored on the site.

For players gives them the chance to test their chess strength against the whole world! It places them at the forefront of technology, and it has the capacity to liberate them from any staleness in their own chess club – there’s a whole exciting world out there to explore and we open the gate.

Hassle-free online chess for schools. The teachers are automatically notified by email when invitations to play are received from other schools; so there’s no reason to miss a potential match ever again. Whether it’s finding the perfect opponents using the clever search facility, or choosing a random school to play, the teachers will love it. Itinerant chess teachers can be linked to multiple schools – a great feature.

When playing overseas opponents, a full auto-translation service is available, meaning teachers can chat in their own language, and players will understand messages too. offers a tailor-made educational website to children and young people in order to learn how to play chess, to improve their skills and to gain more match play experience.