Inspiration to Help Harry Help Others starts in the classroom

Robert Harley was a friend of Harry Moseley, and after Robert’s death from brain cancer, Harry decided to set up a campaign in order to raise money for cancer research.

He created bracelets which he sold up and down the country, and was an incredible inspiration to many people. Through his efforts he raised over £650,000, but unfortunately he also died from cancer in 2011, but in his death, he garnered a great deal of media attention, which only helped his cause further.

Help Harry Help Others

Harry’s ultimate dream was to start his own charity. Following his death and the ever increasing levels of public and media support, Harry’s family have decided to fulfil his dream and on September 26th launch Help Harry Help Others, a charity designed to help all families suffering from cancer.

Schools Initiative

Much of the charity will be focussed on continuing Harry’s schools initiative, a scheme he himself created. Fronted by celebrity ambassador Duncan Bannatyne, star of Dragon’s Den, the initiative is built around Harry’s famous bracelets, allowing schools to:

– Raise money for HelpHarryHelpOthers to fund vital cancer research projects and support services but also for their own school fund

– To inspire kids to ‘do good’ and empower them to believe in themselves and realise that regardless of their age, wellbeing, lifestyle they can make a huge difference if they are passionate enough about something.

– To teach kids basic business skills without them even realising.  Harry’s Enterprise covers profit, loss, finance, marketing, sales, IT, team work, confidence building and public speaking.

As Harry’s mum and charity chairman Georgie Moseley says:

“So much of what Harry was about was getting his class mates from up and down the country to do what they could to help others. He inspired them but also gave them the tools to create something they could use to raise money and do something to help those they cared about”.

Help Harry Help Others CEO, and former Coronation Street star, Adam Rickitt adds:

“As much as we want people to support us in our mission we also want to give back to the community, by delivering tools to classrooms to not only develop vital skills but help raise money for the schools themselves.”

For more information visit:

To donate £5 text HARRY to 70800