Increased costs for families raising disabled children

The UK’s largest provider of grants to low-income families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people, Family Fund, reports feedback from families on the significant costs involved with raising a disabled or seriously ill child.

Mandy received a grant from Family Fund last year, she said:

“Thank you for the grant towards some clothing for my son.  I have really struggled to find the money to buy some and I could not have afforded it without your help. He picked out the clothes himself, including a cap which we told him was magic for when he goes on buses. Before, he would get so scared of people looking at him and the crowds. Family Fund, you make it easier for all of us to get by thank you.”

The Fund is keen to support the launch of Scope’s Extra Costs Commission which will examine the evidence around the increased cost associated with raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people.

Family Fund recognised that the insurance costs associated with families travelling with their disabled or seriously ill child or children on a family break, whether in the UK or overseas were often prohibitive.  Due to this, they worked with partners in the travel insurance industry to develop an affordable policy specifically for these families.

Majid told Family Fund about the financial difficulties they have had travelling with their disabled son:

“With our son’s condition, nobody will insure us, so some of the grant money we get from Family Fund goes towards the insurance.  We cannot travel without it.  We really need all the support from everywhere we can get as everything is so expensive.”

Family Fund urges families raising disabled or seriously ill children in England and Wales and those who work with families to contribute to Scope’s Extra Costs Commission survey to ensure their voices are heard.  The Charity will be supporting Scope’s Commission by contributing to the call for evidence.