Ideas for traveling with children

If you have a family now with children in tow when holidaying then there is no reason why you have to stop travelling to beautiful, unique places just because of this. Why not take your children with them and follow some of these tips for visiting must see destinations with your little ones in tow:

San Francisco: Visit Pier 39 to see some sea lions, completely free of charge, watch sharks in the Aquarium at The Bay or even some face to face with leopard sharks and bat rays which your children can even touch. Visit the Venetian Carousel to take your children for a spin or catch a ferry from Pier 33 over to Alcatraz to teach them about something, although be warned that this tour is more for the older children in the family. Some of the best locations to stay with children include Fisherman’s Wharf and the Marina.

Istanbul: Take your children on a boat trip along the Bosphorous waterway and allow them to travel from Europe to Asia viewing the beautiful oceanic views along the way. Visit the bazaar at the local Spice Bazaar and get your children interested in Turkish Delight, particularly with some free samples usually on offer. Give your children something extra to learn about at the Istanbul Modern where they can learn about contemporary art while having some fun also. The Gülhane Park is a fantastic place to allow your children to burn off some of their pent up energy before retiring back to your accommodation for the evening.

India: Firstly your children are going to experience something truly amazing with the food that is on offer in India and North India probably provides the best destination in India with younger children. There is lots of fresh fruit on offer wherever you are so you can keep your children on a healthy diet while taking in the lovely sights that are on offer here. With no shortage of cows and animals just hanging around by the streets there is plenty for your children to learn about Indian culture while here. There are temples to view and no end to the amount of wonderful restaurants, cafes and cultured places to be visited here and your children will come away having learnt something new about the World and having sampled lots of wonderful cuisine along the way.

Morocco: Marrakesh offers a real Aladdins Cave of wonderful things to see and do for young children. Whether they are interested in Harry Potter or not they will probably be amazed by some of the wonderful hand blown glass and potions that are displayed quite readily here. Palmeraie offers the chance for camel rides to be enjoyed, complete with photographs to show their friends when back home and with lots of horse and pony stables near by you could even get your children interested in an activity that they can continue back home and remember the memories of forever.

Wherever you want to travel in the world you will be sure to find something suitable for yourself and your children, regardless of their age, but always ensure, when looking at travelling, that you think about the type of accommodation that you are looking to book and the implications for your children. Think about sleeping arrangements and think about the implications of your travel arrangements and always ensure that you are prepared for upset children when you are travelling or trying to get them to sleep in a different location to normal.