I CAN release latest activity pack to encourage kids to communicate

I CAN is a children’s charity and they have just announced that they are going to be launching activity packs which are going to help children get the best start to the new school term, and also have a successful life.

The charity, which focuses on communication in children, has launched these designed packs in order to help understanding skills for children who are aged between three and five years old.

These packs follow the success that they previously had with two activity packs that they launched last year. These were also designed to improve the speaking and listening skills of children.

I CAN said that they are delighted to see the launch of these products, and are looking forward to see how they are welcomed by children.

Picking up where Toddler Talk leaves off, Chatting with Children is a stunning pack of 30 fun and interactive activity cards aimed at helping parents and practitioners develop young children’s communication skills. Containing a top tips activity guide, the pack is useful for parents, families or practitioners working with children aged 3-5 as it offers simple and effective ways of enhancing speaking, listening and understanding skills.

Designed in association with Studio Conran and illustrator Owen Davey, each beautiful activity card has an activity to develop a different aspect of communication. Babbling Babies, Toddler Talk and Chatting with Children are each available in paperback for £7.99 or hardback for £12.99.

Communication underpins everything that we do. And while we may take our ability to communicate for granted, all children need help to learn how to talk, and interact with others. Parents are a child’s first teacher and are central to helping to nurture and develop communication skills from birth onwards.

Good speech, language and communication skills ensure a child can learn at school, make friends and express their thoughts and feelings. These activity packs will help parents to give their children the best start before they start school and throughout their lives.

Chatting with Children is also available as part of a brand new boxset being launched this month by I CAN – the ‘Early Talkers Boxset’ (£19.99). The boxset contains the original Babbling Babies and Toddler Talk as well as the new Chatting with Children, and has been created especially for parents and Early Years practitioners supporting babies, toddlers and young children in learning to talk. The three packs between them, contain activities for children from birth to school age.

Kate Freeman, I CAN Communication Advisor who compiled all three packs in the Early Talkers Activity Boxset, said, “Developing a child’s speaking, listening and understanding skills from birth to five years plus will help them to make friends and learn throughout their formative pre-school years. These beautifully illustrated activity cards are designed for parents, families and practitioners to encourage children at all stages of development to improve their communication and language skills, a prime area in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The activities will keep both adult and child entertained, as well as helping to further strengthen the parent and child bond.”

All proceeds go towards I CAN’s work with the 1.2 million children in the UK who have long-term speech, language and communication difficulties. To purchase Chatting with Children or the Early Talkers Boxset comprising all three activity packs, please visit www.ican.org.uk/bookshop.