How to get through the teenage years with your relationship still intact

Teenage tantrums and mood swings are a part of growing up and just because they are normal doesn’t mean that they are any easier for parents and other adults to deal with. It can really seem to parents that one moment your child is wonderfully behaved and innocent and the next they are rebellious teenager. Many parents want to know how they can help to deal with this problem and get through the teenage years.

One of the best approaches that you can take is simply to remain civilised and calm whenever they are being rebellious. You should always remember that you were also a teenager once and that frustration and confusion are a part of growing up. By remembering your own teenage years you are going to better understand why your child is having such problems.

That said, you should not have to put up with behaviour which you find disrespectful, damaging, obnoxious or rude. It is very important that you do retain a decent relationship with your teenager, but you should not let them take anything too far. You must remember that communication is one of the keys to getting through the teenage years and coming out with a strong relationship afterwards.

It is important that you make sure to spend time with your teenager even if neither of you particularly feel like it. Make sure that you have activities that you can bond over, even if they are relatively simple, such as shared love of a favourite television programme. It is also a good idea to have a family dinner in the evening several times a week so you can discuss various issues that are arising within the family.

As your teenager grows up it is important that you get to know their various likes and dislikes. This is a time in their life where they will develop ambitions and hopes and become a different person. You should make sure that you get to know this person as they are going to be very different from how they were as a child.

Teenage tantrums are something that can go on for months at a time and that’s if you’re lucky. Some teenagers are rebellious and angry for the whole of their adolescence, so if you just have to put up with a few months of anger, then you are in a better boat than some parents.

It is very important that you maintain certain lines which can’t be crossed, this will help keep your child disciplined and ensure better behaviour. You should also take effort to explain the various problems that you are having. It is essential that they understand what they are doing wrong and why they are being punished, otherwise they will respond in a very negative way.

Boundaries are essential things to set, but if you don’t set them without the right communication then they will feel arbitrary to the child. This sort of arbitrary discipline is the very thing your teenager will want to rebel against.